Study: Business Climate and Flexible Working Hours When Choosing a Job Most Important – Pay In Third Place

• For men, money and opportunities for advancement are more important than women
• A quarter dreams of independence
• Four out of ten employees would take out a career loan


Stuttgart, July 10, 2014 – A good working atmosphere is the most important criterion of German employees in their choice of company. Two thirds state in a recent representative survey that a good climate is indispensable. In second place are flexible working hours, which are demanded by 56 percent. An above-average payment is particularly important for two-fifths, special payments such as bonuses or holiday pay a third. In contrast, working in a large company or finding a good canteen is less crucial. These are the results of the representative survey “Career 2014” of CreditPlus Bank AG.

A pleasant working atmosphere – this is certainly important especially for the younger generation, one might think. But in the group of 18 to 24-year-olds it is least valued (60 percent). It is only after a few years of work that the desire for harmonious cooperation grows, especially in the age group 25 to 34 (70 percent). The same applies to flexible working hours (43 percent compared to 60 percent). Overall, the significance of individual time management across all age groups is increasing: In 2013, 49 percent of Germans were still important, and now 56 percent are looking for flexible working hours at their employer. Time for hobbies and family are many about the career. Career opportunities are also less important today than they were in 2013. Instead of 40 percent, only 35 percent say they value it very much. However, this trend is driven more by women than by men, as shown by gender. Men are very important for promotion and a high salary (42 percent each). For women, the values ​​are significantly lower (high salary: 35 percent, career opportunities: 27 percent). However, both genders attach equal importance to social benefits and family friendliness (34 percent each).

Top career goals: working abroad, learning languages, self-employment

Top career goals: working abroad, learning languages, self-employment

Asked what they would most like to do for their professional development, most employees call international experience: 27 percent would like to work outside Germany, especially in the group of 18-24 year olds, this desire is pronounced (38 percent). Almost 27 percent want to complete a language course in order to communicate better with international customers and colleagues. For 23 percent, self-employment is a worthwhile goal. This value fell slightly compared to the previous year (2013: 26 percent). In order to meet the career aspirations, 42 percent of employees would take out a loan.


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