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The essential

  • You have an investment pocket for each of your projects, within the same life insurance policy.
  • We secure your investments over time, according to your investment objectives.
  • The fees are on average half as much as in a bank and we are completely independent.

When we created Nalo, we came to the conclusion that most investment services were too expensive, of poor quality, and lacked transparency. We have created a service that better meets the needs of savers. A tailor-made investment service, independent, sophisticated and intuitive. Here is what sets us apart.

We offer a truly personalized advice

 We offer a truly personalized advice

To meet the promise of a tailor-made investment, we invented the investment by objectives. Investing by objectives means having a heritage strategy for all the key moments of your life. It’s preparing a birth or planning a real estate purchase. It’s investing for your retirement, or anticipating your estate.

Nalo allows you to organize your wealth according to all of your financial goals. For all your projects, you have an appropriate allowance within the same life insurance policy. You benefit from the tax precedence of the contract for your current and future projects. Finally, be aware that we adapt our investment strategy according to the type of project you have.

Learn more about investing by objectives

You can also choose an investment portfolio that is complementary to your other financial assets, for example by excluding the real estate assets of your life insurance. You can also choose a portfolio that corresponds to your convictions by choosing an eco-responsible allocation .

Learn more about green and socially responsible investments (SRI)

We have a strategy for all your projects

 We have a strategy for all your projects

To better manage your risk taking, we operate a progressive security of your investments. For example, if you want to invest to prepare for retirement, your risk will be substantial during your working life, with a significant potential for gain. When you approach retirement, the shares of your portfolio will gradually give way to bonds, less risky and the fund in euros, whose capital is guaranteed. Thus, you can take risks to have a significant potential return, but you are not likely to suffer a big loss when you need your money.

For more efficiency, this progressive security depends on the chosen projects, whether it is to constitute precautionary savings, to value your capital in the short term or in the long term, or to prepare the purchase of a home, we have a tailor-made strategy.

Our team accompanies you


Our team consists of experts from their respective fields. Financial engineers and wealth management advisors, as well as computer engineers and web designers. Together we work to offer you the best of investment.

Our financial advisors are at your disposal to assist you in the realization of your investments. You can also take advantage of our premium offer, free from 250 000 € of managed savings. A private counselor then accompanies you in all your patrimonial steps: patrimonial balance sheet, IR and ISF reduction, real estate investment, succession … .when necessary, we put you in touch with an expert of our network (tax lawyer, accountant, real estate agent or notary).

Our technology is smarter

 Our technology is smarter

The technology developed by Nalo is the only one in France to allow you a multi-pocket management, that is to say to have several benefits within the same life insurance policy.

In addition, the use of algorithms allows for more efficient monitoring. If your portfolio deviates from its target allocation, we rebalance automatically. Our market indicators, updated daily, make it possible to be reactive in the event of a cyclical change.

Our management method is more efficient

Our management method is more efficient

For a long time, asset management has been described as a profession of conviction rather than a science. Since the 1980s, however, financial economics as a subject for study and research has developed strongly. At Nalo, we believe that every management decision involving the savings of our customers must be carefully thought out, tested and validated. Our investment method is inspired by the work of the Nobel Prize for Economics, including Eugene Fama, Robert Shiller, Daniel Kahneman and Harry Markowitz. We leave no room for intuition.

Learn more about our investment method

Our fees are lower

Our fees are lower

High fees necessarily rhyme with disappointing performance. We have tried to reduce costs to the maximum. First, we only invest in index funds. These funds, also called ETFs, allow for broad diversification at reduced costs, up to 10 times lower than traditional funds.

In addition, by automating low value-added tasks, we offer better service at a better price. There are no entry fees or arbitration fees. Only management fees, which are on average, half as much as in a bank.

Know the details of our fees

We are independent, it is in your interest


Nalo is a company independent of any other financial institution. This allows us to advise you without conflict of interest.

We oppose retrocessions and receive no remuneration from the funds we choose. We therefore select your investment materials only for their potential performance.

Start investing with Nalo

 Start investing with Nalo


Get a personalized simulation and investment recommendation in just a few clicks. Subscribe online, organize your investment projects and manage your preferences from your client area. Thanks to an arbitration mandate, we manage your investments. You have nothing to do.


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